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Villagers, this is what it's all about. This is what YOU'RE all about.

Recently a mom in Lorton applied for our assistance. On her application, she noted that her daughter's father was not supportive and that she needed, among other things, a safe bed for her daughter. She told us that if the bed was "girly" it would be an amazing bonus.

Safe? No problem. Girly? We got this.

Last Friday - the night before our Lorton mom was scheduled to pick up her items from us - a Brambleton family donated this bed to the Village. On Saturday morning, our volunteers made the bed with pink bedding from our shelves that had been donated by another Ashburn family. Volunteers also readied the other items this mom had requested: a safe car seat that had been donated by yet another family, and Pull Ups and wipes donated by the DC Diaper Bank.

A mom wants nothing more than to keep her kids safe, healthy, and happy - and, on occasion, to give them something special like a pink princess bed. Sometimes she just needs a little help from her village.

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