Kelly—Official Superhero

I am not someone who is comfortable asking for help. But it is important to me that I say out loud, to anyone who is reading this, how grateful and completely dependent I am on my fellow Village volunteers.

When my son woke up with his eye nearly swollen shut this morning, I quickly realized there was no way I could make a drop to a mom due to have her baby on Monday. She just heard about It Takes a Village, Baby on Thursday and called me directly. I immediately felt a connection with her—smart, kind, and loving … she is the reason I do this work. I began trying to manage my son’s sudden infection, get my five-year-old to a swim party, pull all the gear for this mom and then drop it to Herndon … I realized I could not. I was in over my head and had no option but to ask for help.

And because I am a part of the Village, help materialized nearly instantly. Three volunteers offered to take on the pull and the drop, promising to get it all done by 5pm today. I felt immediate relief. Suddenly my family's needs could take precedence without sacrificing the importance of our new Village mom. In the end, I spent about 45 minutes pulling together the clothing for the new baby while I waited for the prescriptions to be filled for my son. Village volunteer, Kelly (pictured), swung by the units to pick up what I pulled together and then went on to her house to pull the remaining items. She will hand-deliver them to this mom today (after she drops to two other Village moms out that way because frankly, Kelly is Super Woman incarnate).

My point here is, life is hard. It seems to constantly throw curve balls. As far as I can tell it is impossible to do it all yourself, and usually it's as simple as asking for help to find that you are not alone. No one expects you to do it all on your own. Friends are the family you build in your life, they take care of you, they care about what matters to you, they see your limitations and don’t hold it against you.

I would be nowhere without volunteers like Kelly. She is Super Woman and I hope she knows that even Super Woman asks for help sometimes


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