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Community. It's a word we see and hear every day. In its simplest sense, it's understood to describe a group with shared common characteristics or interests. Community can be powerful, it can be strong, supportive, enabling, and it can help those who are part of it.

I moved from Europe to the United States three years ago and since living in Northern VA I have done my best to immerse myself in my local community; I joined a moms club, a running club, I support local businesses and the list goes on and on. But since I have been volunteering with ITAVB I have only just learned the true depth of the meaning of community. Community doesn't stop at your school, church or place of work… It's not just about my zip code. Personally I have realized that community is more to do with my heart and soul - giving, supporting, loving, and giving a sense of belonging to those around.

Community is an integral part of ITAVB and we all stand together as proof that community can be bound together by passion, strength and a desire to help others. We are a diverse group of nine women, all different ages and backgrounds, but every day that I spend with my fellow ITAVB volunteers is another day that my heart grows larger and more fulfilled. We do our best to offer a community of support and acceptance to women and families who may otherwise feel that community has overlooked them. Every mom that we help, every baby picture we receive, every hug cements in me the knowledge that I am part of the most amazing community I’ve ever found myself in.

Community is as meaningful as you choose to make it. You can stand on the outside and watch what happens or you can choose to jump and join in. I believe that ITAVB is an incredible community of moms supporting moms for no other reason than because it’s the right thing to do. And we have decided, through a series of what I consider to be truly miraculous minor events, to come together and create a new community, the 'ITAVB community'! And whether you are a mom we are helping or a mom who has donated, we welcome you all!

Kate & Anna

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