The happiest of accidents

Motherhood is a great equalizer; those of us who were neat-freaks find our homes covered in sticky, smeary finger prints, those of us who once prided ourselves on our appearance are now lucky if we make it out the door with all items of clothing the right way round and hair brushed (you can forget the make up!) Life changes drastically when you enter motherhood and as moms it is in our nature to make sacrifices to provide the best for our children. But what does a mom with nothing left to sacrifice do to take care of her child?

Believe me I know what it is like to struggle, when I found out I was pregnant with my first baby we were broke. If not for the generosity of a co-worker who handed me down nearly everything I needed, and the support of my friends and family who threw me not one, but two baby showers I don’t know what we would have done. I have a support network around me and the more women I meet through It Takes a Village, Baby the more I am reminded how blessed I truly am.

As I said, this all started as a happy accident. What started out as just a little act of kindness has snowballed into something quite amazing. So far my journey has been a roller coaster, my heart is warmed by the generosity of the community but it also broken by the heavy burden the moms we help carry. The spectrum of need is broad, some women are living with their boyfriends and have emotional support but need financial help. Some women have been abandoned by their families and are left to raise the baby completely on their own. One couple was living without running water or electricity because they couldn’t afford to pay their bills on time.

Loudoun County is known for being on of the wealthiest in the country but sadly I am learning that there are so many local moms out there who are not as fortunate as their neighbors. These moms and moms-to-be are real women living in our local community who have nothing for themselves or for their babies, some living in the most horrendous conditions. So it really doesn't feel like such a big deal to be helping them in the way I am.

I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the community at large and by the women who have donated so far. I am also so thankful for the fantastic group of volunteer women who have joined me in the last few weeks. Our website is now up and running and we're feeling semi organized- bring it on, who knew helping people could be such fun?! Welcome to the Village, Baby! And thanks for reading my blog.


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